Episode 4 – Best Ensemble Cast Episodes

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Top 5 Best Ensemble Cast Episodes of Hey Arnold!

In this episode I discuss the top 5 episodes that focus on the colourful cast of Hey Arnold!

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The Vacant Lot (Hey! That’s the name of this podcast!)
In this season 1 episode, Arnold and the gang clean up a dirty lot and dub it Gerald Field. But then the grownups of the neighborhood take it over.

World Records
Arnold enlists the help of the neighborhood to help him get into the Guinness Book of World Records.

The fourth-graders and fifth-graders lock horns for dominance of the football field in this season 2 episode.

The Flood
After a intense week of testing, Mr. Simmons keeps his class after school to remind them of how they are a tribe. But then a flash flood rolls in and it’s up to Arnold’s Grandpa and Oskar Kokoshka to save them from their waterlogged PS. 118.

Cool Party
Rhonda is hosting a party where only the “cool kids” are invited. After Arnold goes to the party and realizes that it’s boring, he throws his own geek party where everyone is invited.

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