Episode 6 – Best Season 2 Episodes

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2nd season hey arnold

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In this show I attempt to cover the best episodes from season 2 of Hey Arnold!…and encounter a few hiccups along the way. :/

(This list excludes any holiday episodes (i.e. “Arnold’s Halloween”)

False Alarm
Eugene is accused of pulling the fire alarm at P.S. 118, and it’s up to Arnold to convince the other students that he is innocent.
Note: This is actually a season 1 episode that I erroneously assumed to be season 2. I chose to keep it as part of the list because, traditionally, I associate the transitional style of some of the season 1 episodes to be more a feature of season 2 episodes, even though they can appear in either season.

Eating Contest
This episode was previously mentioned in the list of best Arnold episodes, if you want a more in-depth description, please go here.

Arnold and Helga live in a greenhouse for 24 hours as part of a science experiment for school. This episode draws some interesting parallels to Arnold’s dreams from the episode “Married”.

Longest Monday
The 4th graders of P.S. 118 must try to avoid Wolfgang and the other 5th graders on the first Monday of June, lest they fall victim to being shoved into an overflowing trashcan.

What’s Opera, Arnold?
A musical episode where the 4th grade of P.S. 118 go on a field trip to see the opera Carmen. Arnold and Helga each have dreams where they transplant themselves and the rest of the class onto the stage. Considered one of Craig Bartlett’s favourite episodes; it looks like it would have been a really fun episode for the cast and crew to create!

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