Episode 7 – Best Season 3 Episodes


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In this show I discuss the best episodes to come from season 3 of Hey Arnold!, what I consider to be the gold standard of the series

Note: This list excludes holiday episodes (“Arnold’s Thanksgiving”), “Parent’s Day”, and “Biosquare” (which I inadvertantly included in my list of best season 2 episodes).

Curly Snaps
In this episode, Curly feels betrayed when he is passed over a ball monitor, and locks himself in Principal Wartz’s office, bringing the entire P.S. 118 under seige

Theory: So what’s going on in Curly’s head?

Helga Blabs It All (previously mentioned in the best Helga episodes)
The second in a series of “retrieval episodes”, Helga accidentally leaves an embarrassing message on Arnold’s answering machine and must infiltrate the boarding house in order to get it before her secret is revealed.

Helga vs. Big Patty
After making fun of her one too many times, Helga finds herself at the mercy of Big Patty, who threatens to beat her up to uphold her reputation.

Girl Trouble
Grandpa tells Arnold the tale of a young girl that used to harrass him when he was a lad. The big reveal at the end of the episode is that Grandma was that same little girl.

School Play
Mr. Simmons’ 4th grade class is putting on the play “Romeo and Juliet”, and Helga is determined to play the role of Juliet so that she can steal a kiss from Arnold at the end.

Fan Shout-out: “Crazy in Love” fan music video by Rejena Smiley


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