Episode 12 – Best Gerald Episodes

Gerald Johanssen
Arnold’s best friend, Gerald Johannssen

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Gerald is Arnold’s best friend with the trademark Marge Simpson hair. He’s a cool kid, street savvy, and also the keeper of the Tales, the storyteller for many of the city’s urban legends. Here are five of the best episodes centred around this character:

Jamie O Love

Gerald’s older brother Jamie O is suddenly very nice to him and his friend Arnold when he falls in love with a girl named Sharice. When it is revealed that Sharice is only using Jamie O, Gerald must decide to tell him the truth or not.

Overall this a great Gerald-Jamie O episode. Even Gerald doesn’t admit it, he looks up to his older brother (if the TJM concept art is any consolation)

Jungle Movie Concept art for Gerald
Concept art for Gerald for “The Jungle Movie”

High Life

Tired of being broke, Gerald convinces his dad to let him join a business venture to sell Wacko watches. At first he’s very successful, but soon finds he’s in over his head.

Gerald Moves Out
Fed up with his family life, Gerald decides to move out and begin at the boarding house, Sunset Arms. He quickly learns that independence is not all that it seems…

Gerald’s Secret
The kids in the neighborhood are practicing for the 10K bike-a-thon for World Peace, but someting is keeping Gerald from participating.

Gerald’s Tonsils
Gerald has the solo in the spring concert, but after a tonsillectomy, he must learn to come to terms with his raspy new voice.

This episode has some great scenes by the late Lou Rawls.
(Fun fact: he did the theme song for the 90s Disney Channel series “Jungle Cubs”)

In other fan news…

Craig Bartlett shows his support for the Women’s March…

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…as well as reveals some new storyboard art from The Jungle Movie!!

Kicking off the animation in Korea! #thejunglemovie

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