Episode 13 – Worst Hey Arnold! Episodes

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Arnold giving the stink eye
Arnold does not appreciate me talking about the following episodes

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Ooh…this episode is not going to be pretty.

Dishonorable Mentions
1) Steely Phil (for being forgettable)
2) Beaned (for being a ripoff of April Fool’s Day and Weird Cousin)
3) Deconstructing Arnold (for ruining the character Arnold for seasons 4 onward)
4) Bag of Money (for being mean-spirited)

Helga’s Masquerade
A cringetastic episode where Helga imitates Lila in an attempt to get the attention of Arnold. It backfires spectacularly when Helga discovers the only reason Arnold wants to be around her is because she’s not being herself.

Love and Cheese
A shameful (and confusing) retread of the season 1 episode “Operation Ruthless”.

Eugene, Eugene
A season 5 episode that takes a cue from “School Play” and “What’s Opera, Arnold”, but ends up doing both poorly.

Timberly Loves Arnold
All three children of the Johanssen family get an episode with a romantic plot. The worst of the bunch stars Timberly, who ends up getting used by Arnold in an attempt to get closer to Arnold

Phoebe’s Little Problem
The worst of the worst. In this infamous season 5 episode, Phoebe is mortified when she farts into a mic in front of her school, and it’s up to Arnold to quell her urge to become an agoraphobic shut-in.

Fan Shout-out: The MysteriousMrEnter made a Youtube video on why he thinks “Arnold Betrays Iggy is one of the worst of the series.

Additional notes: I make mention of the other Hey Arnold! podcast “Hey Arnold Hey” but I realized after recording that I had made a mistake with the hosts’ names. The hosts are Corey Vaughan and Adam Samaha; I accidentally referred to them as Corey and Vaughan – sorry for the flub!

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