Episode 15 – Fan Artists of Hey Arnold!

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In this episode, I pay homage to some of the best fan artists in the Hey Arnold! community, as well as delve into some speculative fan theory regarding The Jungle Movie.

bloochikin/Najja Porter
(Unfortunately, this artist has removed most of her HA!-related artwork from Deviantart, but a quick Google search reveals a sampling of some of her most popular fanart, including the one I mentioned of the class photo. You can visit Najja Porter’s official site here )

knknknk/Ko Kinako
An artist from Japan, knknknk draws very colourful elaborate “posters” for some of the best episodes of Hey Arnold!

Limey404 Arguably one of the most prolific Hey Arnold fanartists, as their piece inspired a physical set piece at the San Diego Comic Con in 2016!!

(This artist’s trademark is drawing Helga with blue eyes and Arnold with green eyes. I recommend the short comic they created, “Hey Arnold! – Mistletoe”)

Life with the Shortmans – a concept conceived by Supersingr and puffball17

(You can also scope her artwork out on Tumblr, but be warned – not all of it is safe for work!!)

The fanartist that I commissioned for a “poster” for one of my favorite crossover fanfics, Project Phi-B. (You can search his Deviantart page as well, but a lot of his non-Hey Arnold! content is NSFW).

One of the more recent talented artists to join the Hey Arnold! community (see her art at the top of the page).

A fanartist that came onto the scene early in the fandom, and has created fanart as well as flash animation based on Hey Arnold!

UPDATE: In this episode I mention 3 flash animations created by Ardee Blancas/Neoslashott. At the time of recording I assumed that one of the three animations were no longer available, but that the other two were still available on Newgrounds. Unfortunately, upon checking, the artist has since removed traces all three Hey Arnold!-related flash animations from the Internet. As a consolation, I will link to another popular video by Ardee Blancas/Neoslashott:

2nd UPDATE: I actually messaged the creator, and he had informed me that not only was the Miriam video not lost, but that it on his Facebook page!!!!

Ardee Blancas has also made available his other two flash animations, the ones that feature Helga Pataki and Olga Pataki.

But I will still link to “Bat-Cat” – try to get it to a million views!

Also…who is #girlqueen?

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