Episode 16 – Episodes to Watch to Get Excited for TJM

Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie is the television movie sequel to "Hey Arnold!: The Movie"
Poster for “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie”

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In this episode, I talk about the episode of Hey Arnold! you should watch to get hyped for The Jungle Movie. I also give a call to action for any listener outside of the United States regarding the movie’s November 24th premiere date.

Part-Time Friends
24 Hours to Live/Pilot
World Records
Arnold’s Christmas/Arnold’s Thanksgiving
Helga on the Couch/Helga’s Love Potion
Parent’s Day*
The Journal*

Honourable Mentions
Door 16 (if there’s any credence to the theory that Mr. Smith plays a role in the movie)
Rich Guy (if Sammy Redmond still has a role in the movie)
Arnold’s Valentine (if Arnold will finally realize that Helga is Cecile; waterfall scene)

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