NaNoWriTMo image (courtesy of Mony)

Official Word Count: 4869

The Hey Arnold! Adventure Fantasy Epic
Futbol Head

What is #NaNoWriTJMo?

NaNoWriTJMo is the combination of National Novel Writing Month and the Hey Arnold! fandom. In honour of “Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie” coming out on November 24, participants will strive to write 50,000 words all dedicated to their favourite football-head!

The 50,000 words don’t have to be for one project; they can be for several different projects, from one-shots, to drabbles, to full-on multi-chapter epics. The goal isn’t even to finish every story that’s started, but to finally conquer the plot bunnies that have prevented you from writing down the first word!

With TJM coming out, there’s going to be new information added to canon very soon, so if you have an idea that you’ve been eager to write – what are you waiting for? Get it out for the world to see before The Jungle Movie potentially makes it obsolete!

If you want to be part of the campaign, it’s super-easy! There’s no fee or registration required; simply tag your story with #NaNoWriTJMo on Facebook,, wattpad, ao3, Tumblr, and Twitter to spread the word!

(Special Thanks to Mony for the artwork!)